‘Fairytale’ flowers bloom in Ireland as Christmas celebrates

MARIGOLD flower fibonsacci, a flower with a long history in Ireland, has bloomed on the trees of St. Mary’s Cathedral.

The flower is one of many in the city, which has seen more than a million people turn up for Christmas celebrations.

It is a reminder of the many ways the city is known for its festive spirit.

On Thursday, thousands of people flocked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to watch the bloom, with hundreds of thousands of other visitors lining the streets for hours.

This year, the Cathedral will have a special celebration at noon, with the opening of a new floor of the Basilica of St Patrick in the centre of town.

The city’s festive atmosphere was heightened this year by the arrival of the first Christmas lights ever lit in the Cathedral, in 1875.

The cathedral is one-fifth the size of most other churches, but it has hosted Christmas celebrations in the past.

More than 1,300,000 people have attended more than 100 events in the cathedral in recent years, including the opening and closing of the new Basilica.

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