Marigold Flower Grub is a new way to eat flower strings

Marigolds are the best part of spring, and you may not have seen the flowers themselves until the end of May.

But if you live in a country where there are no flowers and there are lots of other plants that require watering, it’s easy to miss some of the beautiful plants and flowers that grow in this season.

Marigines are the seeds of flowering plants and can be used for making fragrant flower buns, dried flower buds and other edible items.

Here’s what you need to know about these fascinating plants.

Read more: Marigolds and their flowersA new way of eating flower strings How to grow Marigels in your kitchenMarigels are a new type of foodstuff that grows in a tub or basket in a pot and are sometimes called dried flower bun.

The stems of these plants are cut off and put into a large pot that you can cover with a lid to keep the buns from drying out.

The buns have a distinctive aroma and taste that people love to enjoy and make them a popular snack.

There are a few common kinds of Marigles in the wild, like the marigolds that grow at the end